Farm Sheds In Australia

At Blue Tongue Sheds we offer an extensive and varied range of completely customisable farm sheds to meet your farming and agricultural requirements and needs. We have the capacities and abilities to design buildings with large open clear spans of sheds, extra-wide bays which can further be customized as and when required, plenty of clearance height and huge large lengths. Our team is diligent and qualified to work with you to create the perfect sheds for your needs.

With an environmentally friendly approach, we try to create your requirements as steel as a material can be recycled and protects one from harsh weather conditions. We use high quality material like Bluescope steel and Colorbond steel, in order to achieve your site requirements. Our sheds are of supreme quality and offer longevity and safety.

Australian Made Rural Farm Sheds

The farm shed designs are pre-engineered and all set to meet Australia’s National Construction Code. Manufactured from robust BlueScope Steel and Colorbond to have your choice of sheds you can have confidence and faith in knowing that your rural shed has stood the test of time and harsh circumstances to bring you the best steel shed to meet the Australian conditions.

Blue Tongue Sheds values their customers and we aim to maintain a trust through the delivery of high quality products. The Australian construction industry has from all over the world in the name of globalization, the imports that are damaging industries. These faux steel and steel products are a major concern for the increasing number of complaints and decreasing quality of the steel.

Through using BlueScope and Colourbond steel, we provide a 15 year warranty (T&Cs apply) from the date of installation. If your sheds are in a marine environment which may be harsh on the steel we help you understand the warranty and provide you with guidelines to maintain and take care of the sheds.

Custom Designed Farm Sheds in Australia

At Blue Tongue Sheds we have a varied range of farm sheds that typically encompasses a variety of open front rural sheds. While we have a number of standard designs, our experts can customise and personalise your farm sheds to suit your requirements and needs at the farm. The lightweight steel sheets can support different bay sizes which are also customisable, so that your requests can be accommodated if there are any uneven bay sizes, or for multiple bays of three, four, seven, ten and even more!
We have the ability to adjust wall height, space, building length, width and also more to fulfil your farm needs. Apart from that we offer a number of optional extras should you wish to upgrade your design in future. For instance, we can transform your cold-form portal steel into rural buildings that can be engineered with heights up to 7.5m and bay sizes of up to 12m.

Aussie Farm Sheds – A Perfect Solution for Your Asset Protection

It’s heartening to understand that nature can be a friend and a foe at the same time. While rain and sunshine plays an important role in forming agriculture, it is an enemy on the contrary to the machines and equipment one uses for the same. For people involved in rural agriculture and who earn their livelihoods from it, it is important to secure their food, crop, livestock, machines and fodder from the wrath of nature.

The Aussie farm sheds are a perfect solution for all of the above mentioned problems. While we cannot fight nature, we can make sure we are well protected from it. To serve to the same purpose we have Our varied range of farm sheds that include the following:

  • Open front farm sheds
  • Hay sheds
  • Machinery sheds
  • Grain and fodder storage sheds
  • Multi-purpose Farm Sheds
  • Dairy & Cow Sheds
  • Custom rural sheds

Blue Tongue Sheds are engineered and tested to withstand rural Australia’s harsh weather conditions.
Open Front Farm Sheds is an extensive option with flexible designs to work on. The length of the shed is finalised by the number and width of the bays required. While one cannot confine themselves to Bay widths as they are variable and ever evolving.
By rotating the perspective, open gable ends give the look of a steel farm shed. Vehicles and machines can be parked here comfortably. Those with a lot of space on their property can access both ends of the gable.
As a custom building manufacturer, our company boasts some of the most advanced engineering and design capabilities in the industry. We work closely with each customer to design the perfect shed.

Why Choose Us for Farm Sheds in Australia

  • We are locally owned and operated steel shed company
  • As a licensed builder from NSW, we manage a complete job for you. From the planning process to building the complete project we can handle the job for you.
  • We deliver shed kits to everywhere in Australia.
  • Customisation is standard as we believe in providing to your requirements. We can custom design your project and meet the specifications without punching a hole in your pocket.
  • We work with the highest quality of steel which is Colorbond by BlueScope. It’s the premium material for any construction around steel.
  • We have the ability to deliver your project in the shortest amount of time.
  • In regards to the process of council requirements, owning property or seeking permissions, we hand over to our clients a complete checklist.
  • Barns, garages, sheds- commercial as well as residential, carports, aircraft hanger and more, are all cast from high quality steel.
  • We have the ability to add on to any existing shed and customise it to your requirements.

Get Farm Sheds Installed by Certified Professionals & Experts

Farm sheds are quite important in any Australian household that engages itself in farming activities. Since nature can be a friend or a foe, it is better to take precautions and keep your agriculture products, animals, and equipment under a strong and sturdy shed that will keep them safe. At BlueTongueSheds, we install farm sheds made of strong and durable BlueScope and Colorbond steel. You can rest assured that our sheds can withstand the harshest of weather conditions and are made according to the Australian National Construction Code. Our barns are a perfect solution to protect all your agricultural assets. Our team of experts will visit your place and take care of your shed needs. We have been working in the shed business for a long time and have come to understand the importance of sheds. Even during the winters and the summer, our shed will protect your assets and keep your farm animals safe from any external threats. You can rely on us at all times. Contact us today to get your custom-built farm shed installed by professionals and experts in Australia.


How much would it cost to build a barn shed?

The cost of building a barn shed is about $100-$150 per square foot. The total cost depends upon various factors – the total area, the material of the shed, the quality of the shed, and the availability of tools.

What is the difference between a shed and a barn?

A shed is a cover that is used to keep garden tools and lawnmowers safe from the weather. A barn is a structure for keeping farm animals, farm produce, and other farm-related items.

How much does a prefab shed cost?

The average cost of a prefab shed is around $1500-$4000 or more. The price depends on the material of the shed and the size of the project.

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