Barn Sheds & Barn Kits In Australia

Barns have an extreme popularity in Australia because of their versatility and the fact that they look amazing. Unlike the American barn, the Australian barn has internal columns which support the lean in the centre. Barns are practical and a great choice when it comes to agricultural storage. Barns can be customised according to the needs and requirements of the client. They make an ideal place for big industrial equipment or farm machines or even a boat as it protects from the harsh weather conditions in Australia.

Aussie Style Barn Sheds

While the American style of barns have a drop from the centre roof section, the Australian barns have internal columns on the sides to support the centre pitch. Barns have a great storage use for rural as well as residential areas. One can store vehicles, equipment, machinery and even convert this space into office or workshop space. Used extensively as a building for agricultural requirements, these barns are great storage or lifestyle solutions.

At Blue Tongue Sheds, barns are the perfect application for any landscape or use; our good old Aussie barns are recognised for their stunning looks, strength and style.These farm sheds complement your requirements with great street appeal, highly practical approach and come affordable. The Australian barn you choose can be customised according to your needs. The internal walls can be initiated in order to divide your barn into sections for a workshop or stable or even an office if you opt for a workable barn. Our design software is advanced enough to include a mezzanine floor to maximise the vertical space for storage, while you would still have the luxury of driving vehicles under the mezzanine floor.

Best Barn Kits in Australia

A barn kit is a kit that includes all the pieces that would be required to build a barn. Since barns are quite popular in Australian households that are engaged in agriculture and farming, barn kits are always in demand. At Blue Tongue Sheds, we deliver the best barn kits which include everything that you would ever need to build a barn of your choice.

Aussies have the tendency to do everything by themselves. They just love DIY projects. If you are one of those people who are interested in becoming the builder of your own barn, we have the best DIY barn kit for you. Our Australian barn prices are affordable, and compared to the quality of our sheds, the prices are just right. We use the best quality of Colorbond and BlueScope steel. Our barn kits in Australia are fun-filled and all you need to do is grab your toolbox and start with building your barn.

Why Choose Us for Barn sheds & Barn Kits in Australia

  • We are locally owned and operated steel shed company
  • As a licensed builder from NSW, we manage a complete job for you. From the planning process to building the complete project we can handle the job for you.
  • We deliver shed kits to everywhere in Australia.
  • Customisation is standard as we believe in providing to your requirements. We can custom design your project and meet the specifications without punching a hole in your pocket.
  • We work with the highest quality of steel which is Colorbond by BlueScope. It’s the premium material for any construction around steel.
  • We have the ability to deliver your project in the shortest amount of time.
  • In regards to the process of council requirements, owning property or seeking permissions, we hand over to our clients a complete checklist.
  • Barns, garages, sheds- commercial as well as residential, carports, aircraft hanger and more, are all cast from high quality steel.
  • We have the ability to add on to any existing shed and customise it to your requirements.

Get Barn Sheds Installed by Certified Professionals & Experts

Barns are a crucial part of an Australian home. They are extremely popular in Australia as they can be brought into use for several purposes. However, barn sheds are the most common in every Australian household as many Australians are engaged in the farming industry. Barns are used to store agricultural products as well as the equipment that is used in farming. Because of their practicality and versatility, barn sheds have become quite useful for people and worth spending a lot of money on. At Blue Tongue Sheds, we offer our barn installation services in Australia. Our Australian barns are made from the finest quality steel from BlueScope and Colorbond. Our team of experts is professional and skillful in setting up barns on your property. All you need to do is determine the size of the barn shed and leave the rest to us. Our experts are capable of setting up a barn shed of your choice. Setting up a steel building is our specialty and we are the best shed installers that you will find in Australia. Contact us today to get your own, custom-built barn shed installed by professionals and experts.


How much would it cost to build a barn shed?

Barn sheds usually cost $100-$150 per square foot depending on the size and the type of construction. It is cheaper to build a shed than to buy a pre-built shed as they cost more. The only condition is the availability of tools required.

What is the difference between a shed and a barn?

A shed is a structure with a roof that slopes down one way only. It is erected to keep farm items or garden items under cover to protect them from bad weather. A barn is a structure made of wood or tin that has proper roofing, ventilation, and space. A barn is used to keep farm animals, farm tools, or other farm-related items. It can also be used to store agricultural produce.

How much does it cost to install a barn shed?

The cost of a barn shed depends upon the size and material of the shed. Metal sheds usually cost higher than wooden sheds. A 12×12 shed costs between $2,973 and $3,667.

Is it cheaper to build a shed house?

It is cheaper to build a shed house than to install a pre-built one, provided that all the tools required are available.

Do I need a foundation for a shed?

Small sheds usually do not require foundations. However, if the size of the shed goes beyond 6×8, it is recommended to build a foundation for the structure and proper ventilation.

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