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At Blue Tongue Sheds, we specialise in providing versatile solutions for residential, rural, industrial as well as commercial buildings. Our highly professional team aims to provide customers with new and innovative designs which exceed their expectations. We are one of the best providers of best quality steel home kits in Australia. Our fully engineered steel sheds are compatible to fit the requirements of rural, commercial, residential and other special sectors.

We use high quality material like Bluescope steel and Colorbond steel, in order to achieve your site requirements and protect from harsh weather conditions. Our sheds are of supreme quality to offer longevity and safety. Made in Australia, for Australian conditions.

Blue Tongue Sheds promises professional management of your project. From planning your idea to designing it, making sure the steel to be used is of the best quality and then the application of plans to council. We deliver the highest standard work with complete inspections of the work in progress. Our services are exceptional, well informed and rewarding.

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Steel Sheds Build Success in 8 Clear Steps

While building a new shed, one can be successful and even save money in the long run. Here are 8 steps that can be followed to achieve the same.

  1. Seek consultation in order to procure a clearer understanding of what you are seeking from the shed you want. And draft a plan/design for the same.
  2. Survey the land you plan to build the steel shed on and conduct the soil test in order to determine the sheds footings and foundation.
  3. Once the design is finalised, it is sent for engineering certification. The designs are checked keeping in consideration the wind ratings, terrain categories, snow loading and the soil test.
  4. Various councils have regulations and restrictions, hence getting building permits and council approvals. This can be an overwhelming task, however with our expertise and quality work the process won’t be tedious.
  5. Once we receive the council approval, the material needed to build your shed is ordered and then starts the manufacturing of your custom made building which includes doors, windows, structure, cladding, finishing, fasteners, purlins and more.
  6. The land is leveled by removing unwanted plantation and soil. It’s always easier to build a shed on a flat land. All this is achieved before the shed delivery.
  7. The foundation is an essential aspect for a long lasting and perfect shed. Hence, the shed foundation including piers and slab is laid and the installation of the shed begins. The framework of the structure is paired together with nuts and bolts and the shed is clad.
  8. Finally, the internal fittings like plumbing, electrical, kitchens and bathrooms can be completed.

This simple process gets you a new build without much hassle and distress. The price you pay for it is minimal in regards to the workload we will take off your shoulders.

What We Guarantee

Blue Tongue Sheds values their customers and we aim at maintaining the trust through high quality products. The Australian market is flooded with construction from all over the world. And in the name of globalization the imports are damaging the wide network of industries. These faux steel and steel products are a major concern for the increasing number of complaints and decreasing quality of the steel.

Through using BlueScope and Colourbond steel, we provide a 15 year warranty (T&Cs apply) from the date of installation. If your sheds are in a marine environment which may be harsh on the steel we help you understand the warranty and provide you with guidelines to maintain and take care of the sheds.

Colorbond Steel by BlueScope Steel has been specially designed keeping in mind the weather conditions and environment of Australia. It is not some powder coated steel, but manufactured with quality second to none. Blue Tongue Sheds takes pride in being the best sheds provider to their customers and we make sure that the steel used to build your sheds is of the best quality that meets the Australian standards and has a longer life span.

If you are looking at building a shed or plans for a similar structure, look no further than Blue Tongue Sheds. We will have the best deals and plans for you.

Get Durable Structures with Custom Built, BlueScope, and Colorbond Steel

If you are looking for steel sheds for your home in Australia, Blue Tongue Sheds should be your go-to place. At BlueTongueSheds, we offer versatile steel sheds from leading steel manufacturers such as BlueScope and Colorbond steel. We extend our services to residential and commercial properties, and we specialize in installing sheds for every part of the property including garages, workshops, barns, farms, and many more. We specialize in installing custom-built sheds on the demand of our customers. Our team of experts will visit your place and take the measurements. We use only the best quality Australian steel from BlueScope and Colorbond. Our competitive price for our sheds is our highlighting factor. For all your dream sheds, contact Blue Tongue Sheds in Australia. We take on all kinds of custom-built shed projects including farm sheds, skillion sheds, garage sheds, steel structures, and steel buildings.

Well Engineered Colorbond Steel sheds

If you are looking for any kind of shedding services, whether it is a barn shed, a farm shed, a garage shed, or any other kind of shed and shed designs in Australia, Blue Tongue Sheds is here to help you. At Blue Tongue Sheds, we offer well-engineered and specially designed sheds for you. You can order your shed with a custom design and our experts will design it, deliver it, and install it on your property. The steel that we use is the best quality of Australian steel. The steel we use is from the best steel building professionals, Colorbond Steel. Our experts excel not only in residential and farm sheds, but commercial sheds as well. We have some of the best shed designs in Australia. If you do not have a custom design in mind, you are free to choose from one of our own designs from our catalog. We assure you that whichever design you choose, we will execute it with perfection and exceed your expectations.

Work Gallery

Blue Tongue Sheds can provide you with the perfect design and complete plans for your individual requirements. We have expertise in commercial construction, residential custom designs as well as rural range of configurations. Take a virtual tour below to witness the quality of work we have delivered.


Are steel sheds better than wood?

Steel sheds are costly to install but leave behind any other sheds by a wide margin. They do not get damaged in the sun, can withstand rain, and are fireproof. They also last for a lot longer than wooden sheds.

How long do steel sheds last?

Steel sheds have a long life expectancy. They have long years of warranty and guarantee on them. A metal shed can last for about 20 years if taken care of.

How much do sheds cost in Australia?

The price of sheds and the cost of installing them varies based on various factors – the type of shed, the quality, the size of the area that is to be covered. For reference, in Australia, a shed of 2m x 2m may cost up to $500.

Happy Customers Have To Say

Blue Tongue Sheds have always prided themselves on delivering the best quality product with amazing customer service. Over the years happy customers achieve their dream result.

“Professional, knowledgeable and compassionate, Blue Tongue sheds were exemplary with their skills. The planning and execution of work was hands down the best. Would definitely recommend them”

-Lee Clark

“Blue Tongue Sheds was recommended to us by a friend. And it was a pleasure working with Craig and his team. They were responsible for designing, fabrication, transportation and installation of the complete warehouse. We are extremely satisfied with their quality of work”

-George Cooper

“Craig and team were excellent from start to finish and the quality of the sheds is amazing. The work was on short notice but they delivered on time. Highly recommended.”


“The shed looks great. Extremely happy with deciding to get work done by Blue Tongue Sheds. A complete professional and satisfactory result.”


“Extremely professional and swift with the sheds we wanted”

-Nick Park

“Great sturdy and good quality sheds. Easy to install steel kits.”

-Gwen Max

“Highly recommend the professional work by Craig and his team. The fantastic service that we received makes us happy and satisfied.”

-Jeff S

“Just wanted to express our happiness of the best garage that Blue Tongue Sheds has erected for us. The waterproof and best quality shed is worth every penny.”

-Kim and Jeff
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